1918. The First World War. Private Warren White, an American soldier serving with the Expeditionary Forces on the Western Front, escapes the horrors of the battlefield by writing loving letters home to Victoria May, “Miss Vicky,” his sweet and proper bride-to-be.

Meanwhile, he maintains a series of lubricious communications with his mistress, Camille, graphically recounting their many sexual trysts in explicit detail.

Stranded in the fog of war, compounded when he suffers a disorienting mishap in battle, the young soldier unwittingly sets into motion a calamitous circumstance of events back home in Erie, Pennsylvania between the two ardently opposed women.



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What Readers Are Saying

D.K.Silver — “Mr Buchanan has done it again in a story that is both emotionally gripping and historically compelling, taking us into a world with such rich description that the scenes remain vivid as pages turn to discover what happens next. War is hell but coming home for Pvt. Warren White is tantamount to being tossed into the 7th Circle of Hell when society shuns him, his body denies him and his mind is ravaged by what we now call PTSD. Two women rescue him, his fiancé and his mistress. This is a story of love and sacrifice; a story that illustrates the best and worst qualities of humanity, from the heights of intense sensuality and compassion to the waste and abject horror of war.”

D. Myshrall — “I don’t read a lot of fiction, preferring History & Biographies, but I was pleasantly surprised with Mr. Buchanan’s story after a friend suggested it. Beautifully written, especially enjoyed the letters written back and forth. The author captured the period of time during the War in his letters from Warren to the two women. The erotic sections are handled delicately not going to extremes and making for an exquisite experience. It is hard to believe this was written by a man. If you would like an easy read, with a little eroticism that will take you back in time, then this is a delightful read.”

MKZ — “Set against the cataclysmic horrors that WWI and influenza brought to America, author Buchanan carefully evokes the descriptive language, and social atmosphere of the era to tell a truly unique erotic (adults only) love story. I was repeatedly surprised by how the plot unfolded in such well-crafted ever-deeper layers. Even the ending takes an unexpected yet entirely believable twist.”


TRILOGY: Three Erotic Novellas


A young female linguistics major has her personal comfort zone tried when she is hired by an older, wealthy gentleman to read for him in the nude. What begins as a simple, titillating experience to fulfill his intriguing fetish becomes a complex tangle of human emotion for “the reader.”



A lonely, widowed grape-grower unexpectedly finds himself drawn into the amorous charms of a mysterious young woman who wanders onto his vineyard one morning. What follows is a surreal and sensuous journey into the euphoric highs of life that contrast his obsession with death.



1939. Paris. On the eve of Germany’s invasion of Poland, in anticipation of war, the artwork of the Louvre is moved to the countryside for safekeeping. A young violinist, volunteered to the great evacuation, meets an older French woman whose farmhouse has been chosen to hide several paintings. With the threat of war looming, and her capitaine husband off to prepare for the defense of France, desperation and uncertainty thrusts them into a relationship of sexual awakening for the young violinist.

The Carnal Education of Miss Vicky and Trilogy: Three Erotic Novellas are available at the Henry Miller Memorial Library in Big Sur. 



A young female linguistics major has her personal comfort zone tried when she is hired by an older, wealthy gentleman to read for him in the nude. What begins as a simple, titillating experience to fulfill his intriguing fetish becomes a complex tangle of human emotion for “the reader.”  


Mr. Buchanan is pleased to partner with Alison Doolittle, who brings her exquisite, mellifluous voice to read this tantalizing tale about the complex emotions of human sexuality. She delivers a read that can only be described as verbal honey 

Available at Audible and Amazon



A chance meeting between a man and a woman with the intent to engage in a casual sexual liaison, has them unexpectedly—and quite happily—discovering they share a similar and very particular sexual fetish, opening the door to a beautiful relationship between the two sensual misfits.

Written and read by the author, Jeff D Buchanan

An Erotic Audio Short Story from Cinenovel® available at




The future. A one-hundred-year terra-forming project is nearing completion. Mars has an atmosphere. The metropolis of Jannah is rising up in anticipation of the arrival of the new settlers. However, the powerbrokers funding the great, multi-trillion dollar endeavor are anxious about an untimely event that has occurred that threatens to undo their promise of “New Life on Crime Free Mars”

A Detective has been dispatched from Earth to solve the red planet’s very first murder.


“Earthrise” indulges an alternative vision to challenge longstanding perceptions of what the future colonization of Mars may look like. An example of neo-realistic, pragmatic-based science-fiction, the story unfolds its disturbing themes of celestial greed with a contrasting visual prose. The radically altered geopolitical and societal landscapes of the future that are presented here provide a rich contradiction to the assumptions of current day powers and social standings.


A Futuristic Tale About The Past

The not too distant future. The island of Crete, in the Aegean Sea, has been resurrected to what it once was: a place of gods. This new Mount Olympus is an omnipotent military superpower, bolstered by a powerful and dominant air force. The pilots that reside on this island paradise have been raised since birth to believe they are the new Greek gods, taking their names from the pages of mythology. For these modern-day, airborne warriors the Earth is seen merely as nameless land masses, land that must be taken.

The pilots of Olympus dutifully take their supersonic aircraft into the skies on endless missions, over nameless targets far to the north, in a vague and confusing war. No one ever asks why.

Icarus is Mount Olympus’ most decorated pilot. Calloused by war, Icarus has never questioned what it is he does. All of that changes one day, high above the clouds when he comes face to face with the enemy. The experience has a profound effect and Icarus is driven to try and unravel the mysteries of the never-ending war. During this confusing period, Icarus discovers love in a most unlikely place, with an understanding nymph, Adrasteia, who consoles the troubled flier.

As Icarus uncovers the disturbing labyrinth of secrets held by Mount Olympus, the battle-hardened flier experiences an unexpected plunge into a conscience.

P . Deegan — “This is a novel with two tempos, the one in the sky and the one on the ground. In the sky, it’s a tense and fast-paced story of aerial duels with a climatic chase sequence that puts you right in the cockpit. On the ground, it’s a lyrical fable about a moral awakening and the humanisation of a near-automaton warrior, who could just as easily be from the past as the future. It’s rare to come across a tightly plotted action piece that is also lyrical and thoughtful. Does the interweaving of the two tempos work? It does for me because the author keeps the story moving briskly and manages to keep turning up the heat on both the action and the characters. It’s an imaginative play on a familiar myth and it works well on a number of levels.”

The Plunge of Icarus is also available in the unique Cinenovel format, a visually immersive storytelling experience exclusively for Kindle Fire.



Cinenovel® is an innovative, fully immersive reading experience created to utilize the capabilities of modern tablets, delivering a reading experience like nothing else.

The inaugural Cinenovel® features a fully immersive adaptation of the near future science-fiction novel, The Plunge of Icarus. This unique and highly original format blends visuals with text, sound design and sonic accompaniment. A hybrid next generation graphic novel that utilizes photography and actors for a dynamic realism.




At times humorous and sad, thought-provoking and borderline paranoid, Karmic Blues is a collection of irreverent short stories unveiling the many oddities, sufferings, and idiosyncrasies that plague much of mankind. Whether it be a panicked playwright desperately trying to appease an imaginary audience (Killing Stage), a professional car thief achieving a perverted sense of morality (Mr. Nick), an old man who transforms his front yard into a junkyard of revenge (Raven On A Porch), or the calamitous endeavor of an alien Ambassador from the planet Teravulia who comes up woefully short on his expectations of Earth (Celestial Blues), Karmic Blues is certain to raise an eyebrow as it entertains.

Killing Stage

Mr. Nick

The Used To Be

Yori and the Inkwell

Raven On A Porch

Pilgrim’s Progress

Rudy Dodge

Celestial Blues


Motorcycle Essays

A compilation of the author’s favorite and most heartfelt articles and columns culled from a twenty-year, globetrotting career as a motorcycle journalist. Introspective, thoughtful, and humorous, the writings offer an entertainment of reading to be savored by riders and non-riders alike.

The writings that comprise “Collected Wanderings” span an eclectic array of topics, from retracing the very real route of the fictional Don Quixote (“A Man in La Mancha), to a visit to Cremona, Italy, home of Stradivari (“Shadow of the Master), with an assortment of sentimental wanderings in between, all born from a life on two wheels.


S. Black Andrade

5 out of 5 stars.

“So well done! You will not be disappointed! Motorcycles, racing, speed, insights, brotherhood, etc, etc, etc. I think anyone that enjoys living life will enjoy this book. Thank you Jeff Buchanan.”

Robert D. Finney

5 out of 5 stars

“If you like motorcycles you will enjoy this book. Captures the fun of riding two wheels down a lonely road. It is full of humor and insight.”


About the Author

Born in Dallas, Texas, Jeff D Buchanan grew up in Southern California. 

An award-winning commercial director and former indie feature film producer, for the past twenty years he has been a unique voice in motorcycle journalism, carving out a niche with esoteric essays, history and travel stories.

Buchanan has authored six novels, five fiction and one non-fiction, enjoying mixing genres. He currently lives on the Balearic island of Mallorca.


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