Escape the Magic

Embark on a journey through captivating stories and imaginative worlds.

Crafting Stories

Since my youth I have been entranced by the magic of words, the feel of books, and the escape into fascinating worlds born from the seemingly limitless imagination of writers.

Now, I find myself in the writer’s chair, crafting stories from my own imagination and

experiences. But first, some vanity.

In my youth I raced motorcycles, and when the dangers of that revealed themselves I went

into the film industry, first as a lighting director, then as a producer, and then a director.

Through a happy confluence of circumstance I found myself introduced to motorcycle

journalism, appropriately wedding my love of motorcycles with word smithing.

After twenty years of globetrotting on two-wheel adventures, publishing some 2,000 articles,

I wrote my first novel,

“The Plunge of Icarus,

” a near future science-fiction story. In the

years since I have added to my body of work. With a love for hard science fiction I penned


” and then collected my various short stories into “Karmic Blues.

”An admirer of the sensual writings of Anais Nin and D.H. Lawrence, feeling there was room

to broaden the scope of the genre, I wrote two novels of dramatic fiction with sensual

elements; “The Carnal Education of Miss Vicky,” and “Trilogy; Three Erotic Novellas.

My passion for writing has only grown over the years, contributing to my walking away

from the film industry in favor of the autonomy afforded to authors. The beauty I’ve

discovered in writing, which didn’t exist in film, was being able to do as I want, without

having to explain myself. To dabble in as grand a notion as your imagination dared without

concern about how you would render the images in your head onto film—usually with much

less budget than was warranted. I came to realize that unlike the limitations of cinema, where

filmmakers are always bound by their budgets, by weather, by the availability of actors, and

a slew of challenges that plague every film, rendering the likelihood of creating a great work

often insurmountable. Writing, by contrast, is a clean and empty canvas, an invitation to

create as vast and fantastical, or as small and intimate a world as you wish. Even more

alluring is the fact that reader’s have wonderful imaginations, becoming an accomplice in

the storytelling process, creating—from the author’s words—their own individual landscapes

in which to place the characters, gifting them unique personalities and traits. Readers are our

partners in crime.